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Thankful to our Sellers Who Handle Feedback Well!

February 23rd, 2012 3:28 PM by Lisa Carey & Lesa Hart

We just wanted to take a moment to thank our Sellers!  What a tough job - constantly listening to critiques and feedback!

First there is the home consultation - we tell you to fix this, change that, update the lights, clean up the yard. . .   We know our list can be daunting. 

Then after every buyer showing, we reach out to the buyer's Realtor in hopes of getting honest feedback.  We want to know what the Realtor and the potential buyer thought of the pricing, presentation, lighting, odor, etc.  Why?  Because we want to overcome any perceived or real obstacle.  So once we get that feedback, we share it with the seller.  The Pros.  The Cons.  And an action plan - what can we change that is under our control.  We can't change your school district.  But we can create a brighter interior by bringing in more lamps and having you leave the blinds open.  We can't change the amount of traffic on your street, but we can encourage you to change the litter box more often.  Part of our job is to identify the walls that keep buyers from making an offer on your home - be frank in letting you know - and then help you address them if possible. 

We take the positive feedback we receive and make sure to use it in our marketing as selling points.  But, we know the "cons" can sting.  So we thank those sellers who go out of their way to address the "cons" cheerfully and creatively - all in the spirit of our common goal.  Getting the house sold quickly and for the maximum amount.  

To our wonderful Sellers - thank you!!  Lisa & Lesa 

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Posted by Lisa Carey & Lesa Hart on February 23rd, 2012 3:28 PM



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