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September 16th, 2013 11:03 AM by Lisa Carey & Lesa Hart

Report on Community Hazard Mitigation Strategy

Floodplain property owners receive discount on flood insurance premiums - Good news for Tallahassee flood insurance policyholders! The City of Tallahassee has released a progress report on the hazard mitigation initiatives that will help save Tallahassee citizens approximately $250,000 in annual flood insurance premium costs.

The Tallahassee-Leon County Local Mitigation Strategy Progress Report emphasizes the City's floodplain management activities. The report is prepared by the City's Stormwater Management to meet requirements of the federal Community Rating System (CRS) annual recertification. Because of the City's proactive Stormwater Management program and participation in the CRS, Tallahassee floodplain property owners automatically receive a 20 percent discount on premiums when they purchase flood insurance.

The CRS program awards credit points to communities that perform floodplain management activities beyond the minimum requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program. The report includes details on issues ranging from increased intergovernmental coordination of floodplain management to promoting disaster resistant neighborhoods. Current activities include retrofitting owner occupied, low-income homes to improve disaster resistance, identifying areas within the community where future development should be avoided due to the potential for flood damage and recent updates to the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

The City also receives points for communicating with residents about the program. Look in your September Utility bill for a special insert. E-bill customers can link to the information from their September e-bill.

In addition to providing discounts on flood insurance, the City's floodplain management activities are intended to help reduce the risk of flood-related losses during major rain events such as 2008's Tropical Storm Fay. For more information or to view the report, please visit the City's website at Talgov.com/YOU or call Stormwater Management at 891-6860.

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Posted by Lisa Carey & Lesa Hart on September 16th, 2013 11:03 AM



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