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Tallahassee Builder's Parade of Homes

May 18th, 2007 7:41 PM by Lisa Carey

This weekend (May 19-20) will wrap up the Tallahassee Builder Association's 2007 Parade of Homes.  This is the self-guided tour to take if you are interested in the community's latest trends in new home construction in renovation.  With prices ranging from $124,900 to $1.4 million, and 98 homes to view, you're sure to walk away with a good idea or two.

My personal favorites are the staged and decorated homes.  Like me, many visitors carry notebooks and cameras to capture ideas and dreams.  The decorated homes draw the most comments and the furniture encourages visitors to sit and linger just a few moments longer.  An opportunity to drink it all in and imagine yourself living there . . . at this point, you'll see the spark in the Realtor's eye.

Others are interested in the new green trend or the latest in energy-saving products.  This year I've seen many tankless waterheaters and impressive insulation products.  Concrete pre-formed walls are of particular interest to me.  I'm proud and pleased that Tallahassee builders are meeting and encouraging the demand for more responsible building techniques and products. 

Lifestyle and use-of-space trends are also interesting to follow.  At what point did we move from smaller, private rooms to large open great rooms?  And who says which is better?  My current home is a tangle of small but sufficient rooms, each cozy and with their own personality.  It is the perfect hide-and-go-seek house.  I like to read, I like to have my own space, and after a long (but delightful) day with customers I like to be alone.  I don't need to see my husband cooking, my kids watching TV, and try to listen to my favorite music (The Sarah Mac Band) all in the same space.  My house fits my personality and life-style needs, but I am fascinated with homes featuring huge great rooms.  These multi-purpose, auditorium size rooms are magnificent to me, I'd love to entertain that way!  I just don't think I could live this way.  Still, I walk in to one and my heart sings.

I guess that is what the Parade of Homes is all about.  Like trying on different hats, this is your chance to try on a variety of houses and decide if they fit as your perfect home.

If you get the chance, please come visit me at 1011 Cherry Laurel Street in Old Town.  Take Mahan to Hillcrest, right on Alachua, right on Short, left on Cherry Laurel.  You can't miss the big green cottage built by Russell Construction.  It fascinates me, too, with it's old-world look but modern floor plan (yes, there is a great room).  And for those of you who know Tallahassee, yes - I took you in the pretty way!

Best wishes - Lisa Carey 


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Posted by Lisa Carey on May 18th, 2007 7:41 PM



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